by Katherine Mccoy

Are you thinking about refinancing?

Are you paying too much, month after month, on your present home loan? Perhaps you need to get a better long or short term interest rate loan. I can assist you in obtaining a quality rate reduction loan.

Or perhaps you’ve built substantial equity in your home over the years, and are now ready to convert some of it into cash? I can help you by providing some advice and solid numbers to achieve your goals. Then once we narrow it down to some loan options that appeal to you it will be your choice as to when and if to proceed.

Refinancing is much like securing an original home mortgage loan (see our Loan Options and Loan Process pages for details). One major difference: you can often take advantage of your equity by “cashing out” most of the difference between equity and unpaid principal – an excellent way to help pay for your children’s college educations, consolidate debts, make value- and lifestyle-enhancing improvements to your home, or simply go on that dream vacation you’ve been putting off for years.