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Are you thinking about refinancing? Are you paying too much, month after month, on your present home loan? Perhaps you need to get a better long or short term interest rate loan. I can assist you in obtaining a quality rate reduction loan.



Once you have decided what type of Calgary home you are looking for, the next step is find it. There are two ways to find a home in Calgary, either searching on your own or hiring a Calgary Real Estate Agent. Many people mistakenly believe that a Calgary homes agent will charge a fee to help locate a home.

Fist Time Buyers


For several mortgage seekers, especially first time home buyers, the process of trying to save that seemingly huge down payment has always been a financial drawback. What most new home buyers do not realize are the vast number of mortgage loans available these days that require very little or no down payment.

Second Mortgage Approval


There is no equity needed for a new second mortgage loan. You can even get a loan up to 125% of the value of your home. Pay off your bills, make home improvements, buy home furnishings, finance a car, or get cash out to use for any purpose. The main advantages of a second mortgage are the low rates relative to other financing, and your tax savings.

How To Increase Your Home’s Market Value Before Approaching Mortgage Brokers Calgary

When a homeowner approaches mortgage brokers Calgary for a home loan or refinance, the first thing they are asked is if the house is in a good condition. The market value of a Calgary home depends on many factors such as location, prices of nearby properties, market conditions, and the features of the home. While you cannot do much about the first three factors, you can certainly try to increase your home’s value by remodeling/renovating it. Not only does this make living in the house easier and pleasanter, it also increases the chances of getting favorable mortgages from a Calgary mortgage broker.

If you are not sure about the kind of renovation the house needs, ask mortgage brokers Calgary. Better have a full appraisal provided by an appraiser. This will allow you to focus on the type of changes to be made, rather than pour money into a home renovation project that may not help mortgage brokers Calgary get your good mortgage rates.

Start With The Basics

If the house is in a good condition, then you can use simple, cost effective solutions to enhance the home’s market value. For example, a fountain in the living room, (which costs as little as $400) can greatly improve the home’s value.

Examine the floor for chipped or cracked tiles. They can ruin the appearance of the room and bring down the value of the house. Put in inexpensive, easy to maintain, and hardy vinyl tiles on the floor. If only a few tiles are damaged, use new tiles to create an attractive pattern on the floor in combination with the old tiles, rather than replacing all the tiles.

Kitchens And Bathrooms

The best Calgary mortgage brokers understands that damp walls, leaky faucets, clogged drains, and unpleasant spaces in the bathroom and kitchen can bring down the value of the house considerably. This is not a surprise, considering that most home buyers prefer to examine the kitchen and bathroom areas before touring the rest of the house when making a purchase decision. Remodeling can be as simple as putting in new faucets or changing the countertop, or complex enough to involve putting in new cabinets (you can refurbish old ones) and changing the plumbing. Choosing a good Calgary Renovation company will help you get it done right.

A few well chosen remodeling tasks can increase the home’s market value, thus making it easier for mortgage brokers Calgary to find the refinancing options you need.

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